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Drilling and completion service

Well #402-3 is located at Group 9, the 6th village, Maoba, Xuanhan, Suchuan, which is between the bight of fault-fold zone, East Sichuan, and the bight of anticlinal zone, Leiyinpu. The wellhead coordinates are X: 3501047.9 Y: 18764116.59. Its ground elevation is 689.2m, bushing elevation is 698.2m, well type is exploration well. The traget zones are the Member 1 to 3 of Feixianguan Formations of Lower Triassic (T1f 3-1) and Changxing Formation of Permian (T2 ch).

The well spudded in on October 18th, 2005 and completed on September 25th, 2006. Its completion depth is 5693m (the vertical depth is 5669.39m), and its completion formation is Longtan Formation of Permian.

On the basis of onsite practical work condition and stress study on completion pipe string, force bearing need to be considerd under three situations: packer setting, acidizing treatment and production.

The main considered force to check string strength are string weight, setting pressure and string buoyancy during packer setting; string weight, producing gas friction and lift force in production status; friction, tub swelling effect on top of packer and string buoyancy when do acidizing treatment.

In August, 2011, taking advantage of force analysis on completion string, drilling and logging data, formation information, etc. UP put forward that use hydraulic setting permanent packer to protect casing; fix downhole safety valve and circulating sleeve onto the top of completion string; connect the bottom with setting joint and shearout ball seat. The packer was successfully set on November 7th, 2011. The D #402-3 well completion work was done since acid fracturing and blowout for production had been finished on December 3 th and 4th.