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Geothermal Development

Service Ability:

We provide single technical service and integrated technical services for geothermal field from exploration and top layer design to well drilling, well completion, fracturing, etc., as well as power generation and gradient utilization.

We have international and domestic geothermal experts, forming a technical research team for geothermal development.

We own equipment for drilling, air drilling, well completion, fracturing, logging, cementing and have construction crews.


Featured Techniques

High-temperature Drilling Technology

We’ve selected anti-high-temperature bit to make service life of bit extended, enhanced temperature resistance of tools, optimized anti-deviation & anti-sticking BHA and drilling parameters to ensure that drilling through high-temperature and hard formation could be performed with high speed and in safety.


Air Drilling Technology

As to the problem of leakage and low ROP of mud drilling, we’ve researched formation characteristics and bit selecting, optimized technical parameters of air drilling, to obtain higher drilling speed and greatly improve drilling efficiency.


High-temperature Directional Drilling Technology

We have 175-resistant MWD instrument and composite steering drilling tools. We also have special technology to enhance the accuracy of targeting hitting for directional drilling when downhole temperature is beyond 175.


High-temperature Cementing Technology

Through selecting anti-high-temperature retarder, anti-impact swelling agent and flexibilizer, we’ve developed anti-high-temperature (240) cement slurry system. We’ve also enhanced cementing quality, researched casing prestress, optimized cementing parameters, and developed anti-high-temperature cementing technology.


High-temperature Geothermal Fracturing Technology

Through analysis and study on regional features, characters of geothermal formation and fractures, a set of technology has been developed specially for mini-fracturing, large-scale fracturing, connecting fracturing, circulation & testing fracturing of high-temperature geothermal wells.


After numerous basic research and practices, we’ve successfully conquered difficulties in drilling, well completion, fracturing of 180 high-temperature hot-dry-rock geothermal reservoir and accumulated abundant development experiences.