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Nine Technologies in Oil & Gas Field and Geothermal Energy Area

Oil & Gas Development Section

Oil & gas field stimulation: Combining with oilfield’s reservoir characteristic, development status and remaining oil distribution rules, the fine water injection plan will be proposed based on indoor experiment and dynamic monitoring; The fine water injection tools and intelligent testing and regulation optimizing system will be used to perform onsite test prior to extension. 

Oil & gas field stimulation technology: Quantitatively determine the remaining oil locations by geology and reservoir numerical modeling, select the stimulation technology, optimize the production parameters, to take individualized potential-tapping and stimulation measures for each single well.

Oil & gas field ground engineering simplification and optimization technology:  To satisfy requirements from geography, geology, production capacity, gathering feature and special design, optimize the ground engineering design by professional software and experience based on the principles of adaptation to local conditions, separation of the simple and complexity, economy practicality, safety and stability.

Operation and maintenance service for high temperature, high pressure and high sulfur-contained gas field:  By taking advantage of advanced technology and management mode, rapidly react and process the key data in real-time, perform the integrated management for dynamic system including reservoir, well hole, gathering pipeline and equipment controls to guarantee the safety ,stability and continuous production.

Drilling and Well Completion Section

Well completion technology for high temperature, high pressure and high sulfur-contained gas field: By taking advantage of well completion design software, conduct optimization designs for completion tool, pipe string and control system and provide completion service.

Side tracking for deep well and super deep well: in regard to the sidetracking for deep well, super deep well, high-grade steel casing and bi-layer casing, the cambered face whipstock and corresponding technologies for the achievements of direction, anchoring, setting and releasing in one tripping and window opening and window repairing in one time were studied out to solve the problems of uncontrollable WOB and bit bouncing, to improve window quality and to shorten operation service time.

Patented special detection technology for high temperature, high pressure and high sulfur-contained gas field: Detect, analyze and quickly diagnose the corrosion degrade of wellhead and controlling equipments in real-time to guarantee the safe and stable production process. 

Geothermal Energy Development Section

Gas drilling to high temperature geothermal well: in regard to characteristics of geothermal well including high temperature, hard formation, strong abrasiveness, slow rate of penetration and heavy leakage in natural fracturing, after studying the air, mist, aerated drilling technologies, tough questions such as slow rate of penetration and leakage protection and treatment will be solved.

Formation fracturing technology for high temperature geothermal well: In regard to characteristics of geothermal well, through studying the micro-crack’s development degrade and the relation between connection fracturing and formation features formed the fracturing technologies centered on pulse type fracturing process and crack monitoring.