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Irregular Oil & Gas Development Technology (Shale Gas and Coalbed Gas)

1.Tools system


Together with relating technical service and project design,we provide various tools designed for irregular oil & gas including rotary liner hanger, casing valve, permanent packer, efficient turbodrill, etc. 

2. Fracturing fluid system

High-performance fracturing fluid systems suited for irregularoil & gas exploitation are designed. In accordance with different geological features of resevoirs,water-based, surfactant, alcoholate, and emulsified fracturing fluid systems can be chosen, which cannot only bring less harmness to formation but also produce better stimulation effects than regular fracturing fluid.

3. Staged fracturing technology


We devote ourselves to increasing oil & gas output with advanced fracturing equipment, mature fracturing technology and professional service teams.

4.MPD (managed pressure drilling) and underbalanced drilling technology


Through optimizing scheme design, we offer complete equipment, supporting drilling tools and advanced technology to improve the ROP, lower reservoir damage, reduce leakage risk, discover and protect reservoirs timely.