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Detection Technology

1. Acoustic 3D mirror detection technology


Our company provides advanced equipment and professional technical services, to test downhole casing wall thickness, casing diameter, cement ring amplitude impedance, casing roundness, centering of tool string, cementing between cement and casing as well as between cement and formation.

2. Underground oil and casing corrosion detection technology.


This technology detects casing defects by magnetic leakage flux of pipe wall, which is highly efficient, pollution-free, automated and highly reliable. It can also detect both internal & external wall defects, and provide corrosion evaluation and monitoring for underground oil & casing.

3. Ultrasonic self-correcting


This technique can be used to detect downhole wall thickness of Christmas Tree under production in order to know safety status of production and periodically detect, track and monitor safety status of main Christmas Tree to ensure long-term, safe and reliable production of Puguang gas field. At present the technology has been widely used in Puguang gas field and received favorable comment from the Owner.