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Industry Blood Oil to be Replaced, Natural Gas Era Arrived

Source: Date:Sep 08,2016 Clicks:799

Prior to the G20 Summit, China and the United States issued a statement to the United Nations at the same time and deposited the "Paris agreement" ratification instrument, making the world shocked.As the world's two largest emitters of greenhouse gases, China and the United States have joined hands to show their great contribution to global climate governance. As Chinese President Xi Jinping said at the event, it embodies the "common ambitions and determination to tackle global problems".

When realizing that oil brings air pollution,we will certainly think about  new energy or replacement. In fact,there is a fossil energy, quietly playing its superiority, but because of a few restrictions we sometimes overlook it.It is natural gas, which is a kind of clean and efficient fossil energy and has unique advantages: supplying stability, technical feasibility and using flexibility.In recent years, breakthroughs in exploration and development technology has greatly improved the level of natural gas development and profoundly changed the world's energy structure. At the same, clean and flexible natural gas has been rapidly applied to power generation, transportation, etc From 2006 to 2015, while he proportion of natural gas increased by about 1%. Over the past 10 years, China's natural gas consumption increased by more than 13% on average. In 2015, China's natural gas imports more than doubled in 2011. Even so, natural gas in China still has great prospects for development. At present, natural gas only occupies 5.8% of China's primary energy consumption, and per capita per capita consumption is only one-third of the international level.