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A Major Breakthrough Made on Shale Gas Cementing Technology, Products, and Construction

Source: Date:Oct 11,2013 Clicks:690

On October 10, 2013, Chengdu OMAX Oilfield Technology Co., Ltd. completed the first well cementing of Shell Sichuan shale gas cementing project and finished the second one on October 11. The successful operation of the two wells indicated that cementing technology, products and construction ability of OMAX stepped into international market and achieved leading level of the world.

Shale gas cementing materials, technology and construction process studied independently by OMAX were utilized in the cementing, comprehensively applying patent technology of OMAX:

●High-temperature long-cementing-section large-temperature-difference ultra-retarding-proof efficient-oil-eliminating oil-base mud cementing;

● Cement sheath long-term sealability increase elastic-plastic cement;

● Displacement efficiency enhancement stable pressure channeling-and-leakage-prevention horizontal well cementing.

OMAX solved world-class technical problems including high temperature & high pressure (131℃, 12000psi), long cementing section (length up to 5200m), large temperature difference (up to 90℃), ultra retarding at the top, oil-base mud affects cementation, horizontal well cementing (length of horizontal section above 1200m) makes displacement efficiency difficult to be improved, shale gas fracturing in stages requires high elastic-plastic set cement, etc. OMAX also utilized high-tech software, performed scientific technology design, closely communicated & ordinated with all the parties and precisely completed construction.

Construction process was smooth, relevant parameters conformed to design & simulation, and technical index reached the leading level of the world in shale gas cementing. After Sinopec’s key shale gas well cementing (YY-1, JY-2) which acquired excellent cementing quality and withstood subsequent fracturing, the success of the two wells displayed technical ability of the company to handle highly difficult complex cementing again. The second well was completed only one day after the first one, indicating that OMAX has strong technical service ability to work for multi wells of the same block at the same time.

It is pleasant that the success of the technology and Shell’s cementing project will definitely make a more solid and reliable technical guarantee for shale gas exploitation of China.