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China's CNOOC Breakthrough Sharply Reduced the Development Cost of Oil and Gas Drilling Technology

Source: Date:May 06,2014 Clicks:720

On May 3, reporter learned from China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) that the rotary steering system Welleader and logging while drilling system Drilog developed independently by the company completed an offshore works on the Bohai Sea recently, which indicates that China broke abroad monopoly on directional drilling & logging while drilling technology of oil & gas, can independently meet the production requirements of offshore cluster well and complex oil & gas reservoir, and may greatly decrease comprehensive cost of domestic oil & gas field development.

Oil & Gas development has been like a calculation of time and cost which is how to complete drilling service with minimum cost and maximum speed in the context of underground oil & gas reservoir location is known. In other words, in case high-quality and inexpensive oil & gas resources are needed, least wells should be utilized for exploitation of largest area, and least POOH should be implemented for shortest drilling period. To solve the problem, petroleum companies invariably select directional drilling technology which can make drilling transverse in formation.

Different from ordinary drilling, directional drilling will proceed based on designed angle in formation to the oil reservoir target instead of making bit vertical to the targeted layer. At present, rotary steering system is utilized for more than 40% of directional wells, which can control downhole drilling direction in real time, adjust moving trajectory of drilling tools like “3D Snakes” to drill through the targeted formation in “three dimension” area within one trip, even make the bit with diameter as 0.2m proceed transversely or horizontally in the thin oil layer with thickness as 0.7m, and long-distance operation of transversely moving by 1000m within one trip can be realized. Such precise control and guiding will play an important role in decreasing development cost and maximize development of oil & gas field resources.

A rotary steering system cannot complete operation several thousands of meters underground without the navigation directions of logging while drilling system. Logging while drilling system can send geological data along the drilling trajectory to ground, and logging engineer completes real-time information processing and order sending accordingly, which is like a thousand-mile eye. Two systems working simultaneously can achieve whole-well-section directional rotary drilling, adjust borehole trajectory in real time, measure downhole environment parameters, greatly improve working efficiency and lower engineering risk, which are “trump card” of the highly difficult directional works for ultra-deep water, horizontal well, extended reach well, etc.

However, as relevant research and development is difficult, these two technologies have been in the monopoly of the three oil technology service companies of the Unites States. In accordance with worldwide work statistics, the two technologies brought substantial income for companies in 2014. With the support of “China’s National 863 Plan”, in 2008, CNOOC service Co., Ltd. subordinate to CNOOC started to independently research rotary steering drilling system and logging while drilling system. Through hard exploration, technical bottleneck was broken, logo of proprietary intellectual property rights, system technology and equipment system were created. For the work on Bohai Sea, 813m directional drilling was completed in one trip with the two systems, successfully hitting the targets of 1613.8m, 2023.28m, 2179.33m, with maximum well deviation as 49.8° and minimum target distance as 2.1m, which fully demonstrates that the two systems possess offshore working capacity.

Mr. Li Yong, the CEO and President of CNOOC service Co., Ltd., expressed that recently, the Company had continuously increased input in science & technology, and numerous independently researched scientific results were acquired. The success of offshore works with rotary steering drilling system and logging while drilling system indicated that CNOOC had become the fourth one in the world and the first one in China to possess the two technologies. In the Future, the Company would devote to industrializing promotion and application of the two technologies to satisfy China’s urgent demand for high-end technology of petroleum and support China’s oil enterprises to participate in the competition in international high-end oil field technology service market.