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General Manager Mr. Mou Degang Visits Congo-Brazzaville Project

Source: Date:Dec 05,2017 Clicks:835

On November 16, 2017, General Manager Mr. Mou Degang visited Congo-Brazzaville Project for one week to inspect, give guidance to and show solicitude for the personnel on the site.


Project Manager and Toolpusher reported working condition of preliminary stage and work plan & main operation target of 2018. After learning working condition and progress of the Project, Mr. Mou gave recognition to the Project Department, and made request on the aspects of “safety, production, technology, management, and cost control”. Mr. Mou also hoped that Congo-Brazzaville Project Department could keep moving to complete production, safety and business objectives with high quality and high efficiency based on requirements of the company.

All the personnel on the site ensured with confidence that they would do their best to overcome difficulties, satisfactorily complete the tasks assigned by the company, display the style and establish the brand of Union Petro!