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Organizational Structure


Union Petro owns two drilling companies, one equipment base and several projects. Union Petro also established subsidiaries in Canada, Hong Kong and Trinidad & Tobago.

Talent Structure


Union Petro has 600 employees, with management, R&D and engineering service teams accounting for 60% and core team made up of experts from top of the industry, including the experts entitled to Governmental Special Allowances of State Council and Yunnan Province, Director of National 863 Project, professor-level senior engineer, senior engineer and so on.

R&D Center

Consisting of 50 employees covering areas of geological survey, reservoir engineering, drilling engineering, etc., the R&D Center, with advanced design software and professional laboratory equipment of reservoir numerical modeling, drilling and completion, fracturing, test, injection & production and surface engineering, has strong scientific technology research capability.

Service supplier of integrated solution and customized program design in oil & gas and geothermal energy area.


R&D Center acquired more than 20 National Patents & Utility Model Patents and more than 10 research & new technology promotion achievements.